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“This was a fun one to paint! I found the painting story in the E-book, A Year of Waldorf Watercolor Stories by Kristie Burns.”  Note: Jennifer posted some examples of our paintings from one of the stories on her BLOG HERE.

Jennifer, Tree of Light Homeschool

What a wonderful week I had with these kids as we took an herbal journey! We learned how to identify all sorts of herbs and use them in our cooking and for healing. Thank you everyone who participated, you were awesome! And a special thanks to Kristie Burns for her endless resources and support (Herb’n Kids): See the original post with photos HERE

Jesse, Spiral Pathways BLOG

Thank you so very much!  The consult today really helped me feel more confident about my path as well as starting first grade, and it gave me so much to think over.  I am already on the Earthschooling group on FB, so will start paying attention to those posts more closely as well.  Your energy is very grounded and calming, it was truly a pleasure to speak to you!

Valerie W.
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