Testimonials – Set Two

About Alan Whitehead’s Golden Beetle Books she says, “I’ve spent the past five years attempting to craft a home education for our girls that’s grounded in our part of the world and connects us to the spirit of place. When I discovered Alan’s work a few years ago, it was such an a-ha moment. The joy of finding someone else! And of feeling like I didn’t have to connect whispers, and conjure things out of thin air anymore.” – Renée 

Renée from Australia: Golden Beetle Curriculum Package Member

About the Golden Beetle Curriculum Guides she says, “I want to thank you for offering this wonderful resource. As a Steiner homeschooler in Australia, Alan’s words and work are invaluable to me and have inspired my home education in many ways.” – R. Seamons

R. Seamons: Golden Beetle Curriculum Package Member

“Thank you for all of the wonderful work you have done over the years!  As a Lifetime member, I have been very pleased with your work!” – Pamela LaPorto

Pamela LaPorto: Earthschooling Lifetime Member

“I am super excited to make the switch to Earthschooling for our waldorf curriculum this year. I’ve used several other curriculums for waldorf but going over the curriculum from Earthscooling has been utterly amazing. I don’t think need to look at the library for any supplements. You have a great price and a ton of content.” – Rebecca Divine  

Rebecca Divine: Earthschooling Member

“We did Earthschooling with my sons growing up and now they are both successful in college. What a wonderful way to educate our children! I am so very thankful for all the beautiful activities and learning it brought into our home!” – Shambala Kids

Shambala Kids: Earthschooling Member

“Thanks so much for your hard work Kristie. We have downloaded the samples and have totally fallen in love with the method!” – Clare

Clare Arundel from the UK: Earthschooling Member

“Thank you so much! I had gotten a free Grade 2 block when you were giving one away right when COVID hit and I really loved how that was laid out. So many of the other Waldorf programs are a little light on the specifics – like word families, for example.” – Kimberly

Kimberly Parsons: Earthschooling Member

“I loved your webinar on planning, very informative and reassuring as I am one of those parents who is over scheduling, over planning and driving myself crazy about getting it right.” – Wanzilû

Wanzilû in Kenya: Earthschooling Member

“Holy Guacamole!  You folks are on your game!!! Thank you for the introduction.  I am very, very impressed.  This from someone who has taught Waldorf 1-8 and has written several grades worth of curriculum.” – Jen MK

Jen MK: Earthschooling

“I would also just like to say how much I love this curriculum, it has made homeschooling an amazing experience for me. I am especially fond of the photography, although I do not have Facebook so I have not been turning in photo assignments, I enjoy watching, taking notes, and learning all of the adventures you have been on. Overall this has been a really wonderful educational experience! Thank you again.” – Vaughn

Vaughn: Earthschooling High School Student

“This is such a blessing to our family and I look forward to using these resources for the years to come as I navigate this homeschool journey with our children.” – Tonya, Natural Earth Farm, Vermont

Tonya in Vermont

“Oh my goodness! I am so grateful to you and your team.  Thank you for taking the time to send this additional information and for your words.  I can imagine that you are extremely busy and appreciate the personal connection.  I am so excited to have these resources and guidance to be my daughter’s main teacher and guide of academics as well as my normal mom role.  I have not had the confidence or funds to do so in the past but all of that is changing now.  I thank you for all that you are doing!” – Brodi

Brodi Zimmer: Earthschooling Member

“My teachers are so very grateful for your resources. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I cannot put into words HOW MUCH I appreciate your help and support. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help support you!” – Bethany

Bethany at Willow Tree Waldorf School

Thank you so much! So impressed with your dedication to replying to everyone so quickly despite so many responses 🙂 Loving what I’ve seen of the downloads so far, will be purchasing more in the future! – Louise Heyden

Louise: Earthschooling Lesson Blocks

“Thank you so much!!! I’m so grateful. This course is wonderful!! I’m excited to get my next book!” – Heidi

Heidi White: Avicenna Institute Student

I wanted to let you know that my daughter and I are really enjoying Earthschooling Grade 7. It has been a great, smooth, transition for her (and myself), from Tia being in a Steiner class (with a Steiner teacher) for the past 5 years to us doing this together at home! It has been wonderful to see our neighbour and good friend, Marita, start Earthschooling with her two daughters now too. – Delphine Watson

Delphine in Dubai: Earthschooling Member

She says about the Mp3s for Earthschooling verses and stories: “Oh my,  this is so wonderful! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this as I am a Deaf parent of a hearing child.” – Lisanne H.

Lissanne: Earthschooling Preschool Member

“We are LOVING the curriculum and the new updates! Thank you so much for all you do!” – Carrie Martin

Carrie: Earthschooling Preschool

“I wanted to highlight how much, as a parent, I appreciated the quotes and detailed descriptions of Rudolf Steiner before the lessons. It helped tremendously in understanding why we do things with the children during certain ages. It also helped my husband who worked on a lot of form drawing with Jayce. Overall, I can’t highlight enough how much choosing this alternative way of schooling is helping both of us as parents to find a new normal after the military.” – Sabine Bryant

Sabine, Military Parent: Earthschooling

“Thank you to Earthschooling for an amazing curriculum!” – Pahito86  

@pahito86 on Instagram: Earthschooling
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