Audio and MP3s

This page will be updated continuously as students share their experiences and “tips” with us. If you need immediate tech support please use the Facebook group page for Earthschooling or The Avicenna Institute or post a question to the Yahoogroups for Earthschooling or The Avicenna Institute. Do not use e-mail for tech support questions. However, you may find the FAQs page helpful before you post to the forums. Other students, members and our staff answer questions on the forums 24-hours a day.

The BEarth Institute, like many other online providers, uses MP3s to deliver music, verses and lectures. MP3s are easy to manage on most devices since they are very standard and have been around for a long time like PDFs.

Basic Downloading
To download an MP3 to your device you need to download it from the link you are provided and then save it on your computer. Once it is saved in a file it can be downloaded to any portable device that plays music – even your mobile phone.

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