This page will be updated continuously as students share their experiences and “tips” with us. If you need immediate tech support please use the Facebook group page for Earthschooling or The Avicenna Institute or post a question to the Yahoogroups for Earthschooling or The Avicenna Institute. You can also use e-mail for tech support questions. However, e-mail has a longer response delay than the forums. Forum response time is about 1-24 hours. E-mail response time can take up to three days. You may also find the FAQs page helpful before you post to the forums. Other students, members and our staff answer questions on the forums 24-hours a day.

Before you read any of the Dropbox instructions or use Dropbox you need to know what it is and why we use it to deliver your materials:

1. Dropbox is a DELIVERY and CLOUD storage system and not a personal storage system. You are supposed to use Dropbox as a DELIVERY system and not as a storage system. So once you have downloaded some files you will need to store them on your computer. If you keep them in the Dropbox folder it will think you are storing them there. We pay for storage on our end so you ALWAYS have access online to your files (if you lose them or decide not to download) but from your end DROPBOX is a delivery system and CLOUD storage only. If you download Dropbox and store your files there (instead of on your computer) you will have to pay for more storage at some point most likely. I would only recommend this if you want to use Dropbox for your personal files too. We pay for storage so the files are always in the “cloud” for you to use. There is no reason for you to pay for storage as well, unless you are wanting it for personal use too.

2. You may need to download before viewing files. Some people don’t have a computer connection that is fast enough or regular enough to view Dropbox files online. There are also issues from Dropbox side. It is NOT an online viewing service so they don’t support that. It is usually a lucky fluke in the system if you happen to be able to view online once or twice.

3. Don’t worry/stress about downloading everything at once. These materials will always be here for you when you need them. If you lose your link ask us for a new one.

4. You do not need to pay for Dropbox access to download the files we send you. Occasionally there is confusion because Dropbox will always (of course) give you the option of using their storage system and making a payment. However, downloading the files we send you is absolutely free. You do not need to pay. If you need help downloading the files and our tutorial below does not help there are many Youtube tutorials that are only about 30 seconds long you can watch. Dropbox also has a help page.

How To Download Dropbox Files

Method One
Click on the links and download all your files manually and store them on your computer. You will be alerted via the member’s Yahoogroups or private Facebook group when there are updates or new files available to you. Although Dropbox offers the option to download multiple files at once I do not recommend this method as it does not work consistently. If you do want to try this method please consult Dropbox tech support for any issues with this method (and the zip files they create). I do not recommend downloading the zip files they offer.

Method Two (Only for small numbers of files)
Download Dropbox and let Dropbox do the work. Once installed, Dropbox will download the files to the Dropbox folder on your computer for you. You do not need to purchase Dropbox so if you have trouble with the free version please let me know. We pay for Dropbox storage from this end so you can always access your files.

Note, however, if you have a lot of files (i.e: Naturopathic Healing Course or Lifetime Membership) you will need to transfer the files to another location (see #1) on your computer once your Dropbox registers as “full”. This is because the free Dropbox you have only allows you to store a certain amount of material in it. When you use this automatic download method it is very easy but then Dropbox “thinks” you are using Dropbox on your computer to store the files. All you need to do is move those files somewhere else once they are downloaded and Dropbox will think it is empty again and will continue to download more for you.

Method Three
Use your private links as a “cloud” storage system, keep them online and access the files whenever you need to. If your link moves or expires for any reason just let us know and we will send you a new one any time. This is basically how the old system at our old website worked. However, instead of having pages with files listed on them you now have folders with files IN them. This method also allows you to access files anywhere you are.


Question: I am clicking on the links but they are not opening so I can download them!

“Okay so I did get an email via Dropbox for the files for the year but there was no content in the body of the email, it did not show up in Dropbox but I tried to open watercolor basics but did not see an option for a zip, I click on the title then it takes me to a screen that has the title and a PDF icon and under that is a bar presumably showing the progress on loading the PDF but then it times out and goes back to a icon of a box saying unable to load file due to Internet connection.”

Answer: What you have described is actually you trying to open the files and not download them. Once you click on the link we send you (or link from the Lifetime Member Page) you need to:

1. Stop, look up at the top right hand part of the screen and find the little gear picture.
2. Click on the gear picture and choose a download method.
3. DO NOT click on the name of the file. This will cause your computer to try to open it.

Clever Download Method
Someone came up with this clever way to “trick” Dropbox into downloading files: http://www.wikihow.com/Force-a-File-to-Download-from-the-Web-on-Dropbox

Question: I ordered an e-book from you last week and it didn’t take long at all to download. Why am I having to take so much time now?

Answer: You have chosen the most comprehensive curriculum package available in Waldorf education today. This means that Earthschooling is not a syllabus or an outline and is not a “mini-curriculum” that requires you purchase outside books or materials. Earthschooling is a comprehensive real curriculum  that includes all the books and lessons you need for your homeschooling. We also provide MP3s of verses and videos that help you learn how to teach your classes (you don’t need to watch all of them – just the ones you need). Because of the volume of materials we recommend that you keep everything online and only download what you need or are using at the time. If you ever loose your online links or access we can restore them any time. Dropbox is a delivery system that we use to deliver your files. However, we also pay to keep them in that online “inbox” for you so you don’t have to download everything today. If you do choose to download everything  instead of keeping some of it online at your storage link below it  will take a while to download everything you purchased. But we are here to help if you have any trouble.

Question: I’ve been trying for two days to get into my curriculum and I can’t seem to do it! I am so frustrated!

Answer: Please do not work too hard at trying to download, open or use files.  If you have any issues and never try longer than 15 minutes to find/do anything on the website. Our Facebook forum is open 24-hours a day and there is usually a member or staff member around to help. We also have an “emergency” text number for members only – 571-327-8495. Most members don’t have any trouble using the Dropbox delivery system –  it is a popular and respected delivery system used by major companies around the world. However, if you do, don’t worry – we will make sure you receive your files. Just contact us as soon as possible so we can help 🙂 Remember – if it takes more than 15 minutes to figure it out – you probably need to ask for help or there is something missing.

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