This page will be updated continuously as students share their experiences and “tips” with us. If you need immediate tech support please use the Facebook group page for Earthschooling or The Avicenna Institute or post a question to the Yahoogroups for Earthschooling or The Avicenna Institute. Do not use e-mail for tech support questions. However, you may find the FAQs page helpful before you post to the forums. Other students, members and our staff answer questions on the forums 24-hours a day.

General Instructions for Members

The Earthschooling website is very tablet-friendly! All you need to do is open the website and start clicking on links. Links will open and you will be able to use the mobile site. The only difference between the mobile and the computer-based site is that to link to your different member pages you will need to use the scroll down menu and will not be able to use the sidebar (because the mobile device does not have a side-bar).

If you want to have a “computer experience” on your tablet then you can download a browser made especially for tablets called Mercury Browser. You must then go to the setting called “User Agent” and change this setting to mimic a computer by choosing a MAC or PC browser setting. On my iPhone “User Agent” comes up on the bottom of the screen just after the little rectangles with numbers in them, and right before the book, as three parallel lines. Click on these lines and the “User Agent” option will come up. This will make your phone or tablet open all websites as full sites instead of mobile ones.

General Instructions for Non-Members

If you order individual lesson blocks you will be using the Dropbox system instead of our member system. This sometimes requires that you download materials before viewing them. Here are some tips for downloading and viewing those materials:


The most common issue people have with their tablet is with videos. This is because some tablets need you to download an app to view some kinds of videos. We will update this as we discover more apps.


Ever have a video you could not watch because it was in Flash and Flash does not play on your tablet? ISwifter has been invented to help you with that issue! Download this APP HERE or directly from the App Store on your device (it is available for Android and other devices as well) and then whenever you want to view a Flash video you just need to cut and paste the URL into the ISwifter browser and it will play.


This app needs to be installed on your MAC or Ipad so you can watch a range of videos on your device. If you do not have the UPDATED version of this app on your device you may not be able to view all video files.


How to Convert a Document to Be Read on ANY Device
One of the main problems people have is that the standard delivery method until recently has been PDF. If your device can read PDFs without any issue then all you need to do is download the item directly to your device or to your computer and then your device.

Another problem is that with all the new delivery methods a person may end up with a NOOK document when they actually have a Kindle reader or an Ibooks document when they have a NOOK and other similar issues. Although most devices can read PDF and YOU DO NOT NEED TO CONVERT, documents are always easier to navigate, take notes on and use if they are in the format your device requires. This is EASILY solved.

STEP ONE: Download the document to your computer

STEP TWO: Convert the document to the format you need at: You do not need to do this if your tablet can easily read PDFs.

STEP THREE: Download the document to your mobile device from your computer.


How to Download/Add a Document to Your KINDLE

You will email the PDF document to your Kindle Fire in just a few easy steps.
1) Download the PDF document from the website to your computer and save it in a location that is easy for you to locate.

2) Open your email account to create an email

3) In the TO section of the email put your Kindle email address.  You can locate you Kindle email address by going to MY ACCOUNT on your Kindle Fire under settings.  It looks like this:

4) In the SUBJECT line type “convert”

5) Attach the document and send.

For other options and additional details you can visit


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