Are you a new Earthschooling member? No matter which package you have purchased please start here so you can have the smoothest experience possible.

This tour video takes 25 minutes to watch but we highly recommend starting your Earthschooling journey by watching this video. It will help you get quickly oriented to the website and greatly enhance your experience! This video can also be enjoyed by current members who need some help navigating or just want to get started again after a long break. We are also allowing non-members to use this page as a way to peek into the curriculum experience we offer.

REMINDER: Be sure to read the welcome letter that came with your curriculum package or bundle. If you did not receive a welcome letter let us know at:

Addressing Diversity and Inclusionary Language in the Curriculum



Starting the Earthschooling Year

We highly recommend you watch this video. It will save you so much time later and will also prevent confusion. One of the most popular things about Earthschooling is that we offer the most complete curriculum, and the most complete set of teacher support resources available within any Waldorf curriculum on the market today. The downside of this benefit is that you could get overwhelmed looking through all of it. This video was created to eliminate this downside.

Tour Through Earthschooling First Grade QUICK START – NEW TOUR Tour Through Earthschooling First Grade Full Tour – NEW TOUR



We highly recommend you listen to the lectures below and read this article here (we will be adding another soon)…

Planning Webinar with Kristie Burns: Audio Planning Webinar with Diane Power: Audio



We highly recommend you read these…

Waldorf 101: Version 2.2 Waldorf Basics & Reference Book: Version 2.2



Visit our PRINTING HELP page. We updated it frequently!



TOUR VIDEO: You do not need to watch a new video for each grade if you have already watched the first grade video. If you have not watched a tour video before please take time to watch this entire video. This tour is based on the first grade curriculum pages however the organization and process is the same for every grade on our website so to help you save time we have provided you with one video for all the grades instead of one video for each grade.

CORE CURRICULUM MEMBERS: Core Curriculum Bundle Members do not have access to the Teacher Support or Eurythmy pages. If you try to click on these pages you will be looped around to the main Earthschooling home page.

PRESCHOOL/KG MEMBERS: The Preschool & kindergarten curricula do not offer lesson blocks as the children are not that advanced yet. Sixth grade offers a Daily Planner Guide for every month, however, there are not yet any daily planners or daily planner guides for seventh or eighth grade. Seventh and eighth grade are taught using the lesson block method and come with a guide for the year.

NOT INCLUDED IN THE VIDEOS: We have not yet done a new “Tour of Earthschooling Benefits” video to show you the additional extras you have beyond the curriculum. So be sure to take some time to check out the Essential Parent/Teacher Guides, Cultural Enrichment Classes, and Facebook Forum. And, if you have access to them, the Teacher Support Package pages. Take about 15 minutes to skim through these pages so you at least know what is available to you. These are all optional lessons. Some members print out the pages as an index.

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