Earthschooling is the Waldorf homeschool curriculum you have been waiting for! Used by homeschoolers, public school teachers and Waldorf teachers world-wide, Earthschooling is an earth-based, creative, hands-on, international, multi-cultural and comprehensive curriculum that includes Mp3s and over 100 hours of teacher support tutorials. Earthschooling is also the only curriculum that includes Eurythmy (creative & therapeutic & educational movement) tutorials.


Earn your bachelor's, masters or doctorate in natural healing! Since 1994, The Avicenna Institute of Natural Healing has trained students in techniques from around the globe. Students explore the common thread that runs through all healing systems, as well as gain knowledge from healing traditions that would be lost if not preserved in courses like the ones offered here. All classes include private instruction, online classroom instruction, video and audio.


Kristie Burns was a photo-journalist in Chicago for 3 years and The Middle East for 16 years. She has exhibited photos on the “Women of Egypt” as well as covering treks through the desert with nomads, street life in Cairo and tourism in Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Her work has been published internationally including in The Lonely Planet Guides and even a Hollywood movie (the original Stargate). Kristie is currently the founder and president of

Book Store

Are you looking for Waldorf inspired books to help you as a teacher or parent? Are you looking for children's books with beautiful illustrations? Our book store focuses on nature-inspired books and includes Waldorf education books, children's books, books about natural well-being, and more.

About Us

Our name is a reflection of so many things we represent – new life, the earth, respect for the earth, education, renaissance of thought, spiritual awakening, healing and more. Our name is pronounced “The Be Earth Institute”

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