Giving Back

When you shop at Earthschooling you are giving back to the community and the earth!

Earthschooling is committed to giving back to both the local and International community we are part of and thankful for. We are also committed to earth & wildlife conservation efforts. Towards this goal we participate in the following activities:

  1. Shop locally at locally owned grocery stores and shops as well as the farmer’s market
  2. Shop online with small business owners who make handmade goods or who run family businesses
  3. Donate money to support the arts in the local community
  4. Donate time to support art & art education in the local community
  5. Volunteer for citizen scientist projects around Iowa
  6. Support community education by holding memberships in local organizations like the Science Center of Iowa, Living History Farms, Blank Park Zoo and Botanical Center
  7. Provide scholarship programs for families in need
  8. Support the work of our teachers by sending them ongoing commissions for their contributions every month
  9. Provide community education about the environment through school programs, library programs and local exhibits
  10. Recycling, composting & using glass water bottles
  11. Trash pick up on the nature trail
  12. Community education about nature trails, parks, plants and wildlife
  13. Cultivation of a backyard refuge for wildlife and native plant species

Since this is a new page on our website we don’t have all of our photos, links or listings up yet. However, you can see some of the people we support below. Check back in a couple weeks to see more photos from the past uploaded and then check back again for updates every month. Unless otherwise stated, we donate and volunteer as a family.

Financial Donations We Make to the Community

Civic Center of Iowa (to support their Applause Series). Read a blog post about some more of our involvement here.

Des Moines Playhouse (to support local artists)

Stephen’s Auditorium (to support their Performing Arts Fund and local student programs)

50% Scholarships for Families in NeedOver 100 families served since 2016!

Community Businesses We Support by Participation in Events

Valley Junction Local Businesses including The Artisan Gallery 218 
Local Farms (Yearly Farm Crawl and Other Events) including Northern Prairie Chèvre 
East Village Local Businesses 
Noce Jazz Lounge (local musicians and business owners)
Ritual Cafe (local musicians and business owners)
Des Moines Juice Company
La Mie Bakery & Cafe
Science Center of Iowa
Living History Farms
Blank Park Zoo
Botanical Center of Des Moines
Reiman Garden’s of Ames
Des Moines Metro Opera (local student and national performers)
Iowa Reptile Rescue (Past)
Dallas County Conservation
Des Moines Renaissance Faire
Des Moines Homeschool Conference
Waldorf in the Home Conferences (Past Events in CA)

Community Businesses We Support by Shopping Local

Valley Junction Local Businesses including The Artisan Gallery 218 & Clothing Stores
Local Farms (Yearly Farm Crawl and Other Events) including Northern Prairie Chèvre 
East Village Local Businesses  including Des Moines Local Raygun
Grounds for Celebration Coffee House
Campbell’s Nutrition Natural Food Store
New Pioneer Food Co-op Iowa City
Gateway Market Des Moines

Community Businesses We Support by Volunteering/Donating (Past & Present)

Culture All Des Moines 
Furry Friends Refuge (past volunteering + 4 of our pets are rescued from here)
ARL (2 of our pets are rescued from here)
Polk County Iowa Conservation (citizen scientist events)
Living History Farms (Volunteer: Mosi – See our blog post here)
State Historical Center (Volunteer: Mosi)
Mercy Hospital (Volunteer: Mosi)

Projects We Do To Give Back to the Community & The Earth

Butterfly Rescue
Wildlife Refuge Cultivation
Prairie Restoration and Documentation

More coming soon. Meanwhile enjoy some of the photos we took while participating in some of the events above . Below you will find a small selection of photos taken over the past 20 years…

Photos of Earthschooling Supporting the Community

Earthschooling at Living History Farms

Earthschooling Eagle Monitoring for Polk County Conservation

Earthschooling at Local Iowa Farms

Earthschooling at Dallas County Conservation

Earthschooling at Springbrook Park

Earthschooling with Culture ALL

Earthschooling at Local International Markets

Earthschooling at Ritual Cafe

Earthschooling Des Moines Renaissance Faire

Earthschooling at the Botanical Center

Earthschooling at The Des Moines Historical Center

Earthschooling at The Reptile Rescue

Earthschooling at Valley Junction Gallery Night

Earthschooling at the Des Moines Science Center

Earthschooling Celebrates Japan Cultural Day in Iowa

Earthschooling at Local Homeschool Conference

Waldorf in the Home Conference

Earthschooling at Blank Park Zoo


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