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Welcome to the website! Once you place your order you will receive access to your materials and a welcome letter immediately. If you ordered smaller items such as a webinar, tutorial, lesson block or month of curriculum these will come to you as downloads. Each download is valid for three downloads or three days so if you need additional downloads please e-mail us at:

If you ordered a curriculum package you will log in to your account using the username and password you chose at checkout. You will then be able to navigate to your purchases. 


Welcome to the new website! If you see the pretty “welcome” picture above after you log in then you are logged in. If not, then you need to use the “Forgot/Lost” password link above or contact us at: Please be sure to use the LOGIN HELP button above first before you contact us. The information we need from you can be found at that link.


Students of The Avicenna Institute: Please send all exams to:


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Avicenna Institute Student Yahoogroups Forum

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