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Quality education for children and adults

Our name is a reflection of so many things we represent – new life, the earth, respect for the earth, education, renaissance of thought, spiritual awakening, healing and more. The name can be pronounced “The Bearth Institute”  or  “The Be Earth Institute”. This is our NEW website in progress so over the next week you will see some changes and additions. If you are a member of Earthschooling or a student at The Avicenna Institute please use the contact form to request new links for your files.

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Why Choose Us?

We believe that cooperation and creativity can help keep our prices low. So you or your student(s) can receive a quality education and pay much less than you would at comparable institutions. Our students and members agree…

Your ND Distance Learning Program Offers Quality Instead of Cost

From all the comparison I have done on ND distance programs (and I looked at them all) yours teaches the same things they do, yet your program is much more affordable. I am excited and I feel I am learning so much more than most traditional ND programs would teach. You Reflexology program goes into so much more detail on meridians and your program in general teaches so much more on other traditions of natural medicine. I love it. – Jennifer (Canada), Student of The Avicenna Institute

As a Waldorf Teacher I’m Impressed with Your Curriculum & Lessons

I am a Steiner teacher in Australia….I just purchased some of your Waldorf e-books. They are fantastic! Thank you for creating such practical and inspiring books. – Sue, Waldorf Teacher in Australia 

Thank you so much for what you are doing. Both my husband and I were Waldorf teachers. I am now a Midwife and we have a Biodynamic farm and homeschool our three children.  Your curriculum is amazing and we are so grateful.  – Alyssa

Online Education Advantages


Work at Your Own Pace

Working online allows you to work at your own pace and fit classes into your existing schedule instead of the other way around.

Be More Efficient

Studying online allows you to focus on what is important instead of things that get in the way like noisy lectures halls, crowds, driving and listening to lectures that repeat the chapter you just read in the textbook.

Save Money

When you pay thousands of dollars each semester to attend classes you are paying for building maintenance staff, electricity bill, water bill, advertising budget, and many more things you don’t pay for online.

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