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Free Samples!

Preschool Curriculum Samples

Complete Guide to Earthschooling Preschool Earthschooling Preschool Sample Chalk Drawing in Preschool – Teacher Tutorial Sample

Kindergarten Curriculum Samples

Complete Guide to Earthschooling Kindergarten Earthschooling Kindergarten Sample Chalk Drawing in Kindergarten – Teacher Support Tutorial Sample

First Grade Curriculum Samples

Complete Guide to Earthschooling First Grade Sample of First Grade Blocks (Monthly-Daily Planner Format)

Note: We also offer blocks in ‘block only’ format. All curriculum members have access to both.

Jack’s Main Lesson Book Sample Chalk Drawing for the First Grade Class – Teacher Tutorial Sample Teaching the Pentatonic Recorder/Flute – Teacher Tutorial Sample

Second Grade Curriculum Samples

Guide to Earthschooling Second Grade Second Grade Earthschooling Curriculum Sample Second Grade Classroom Chalk Drawing: Sample

Third Grade Curriculum Samples

Guide to Earthschooling Third Grade Introduction to & One Week of Third Grade FREE (69 pages free) Third Grade Craft Block Sample Pages Download How to Teach Long Division Sample

Fourth Grade Curriculum Samples

Complete Guide to Earthschooling Fourth Grade NEW! Fourth Grade Curriculum Block “Daily Planner” Sample Fourth Grade Curriculum Block Sample How to Teach Clay Work – Teacher Tutorial Sample

Fifth Grade Curriculum Samples

Overview of Earthschooling Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Daily Planner Sample

Sixth Grade Curriculum Samples

Overview of Earthschooling Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Math & Form Drawing Sample: First Five Pages Only Sixth Grade Roman History Main Lesson Book Sample: First  Six Pages Only Sample of Sixth Grade Teacher Support

Seventh Grade Curriculum Samples

Overview of Earthschooling Seventh Grade Seventh Grade Medieval History Sample First Six Pages Only Seventh Grade Renaissance History Sample Pages 16 to 22 Only Seventh Grade Age of Exploration Main Lesson Book Student Sample

Eighth Grade Curriculum Samples

Sample: Chalk Drawing Queen Elizabeth for Elizabethan Era Studies Sample: Woodworking: Making a Hinged Box Sample: Woodworking: Making a Stool Sample: First Five Pages: WWI & WWII Lesson One Sample: First Five Pages: The Industrial Revolution: Introduction Sample: First Five Pages: Eighth Grade Organic Chemistry Lesson Sample: First Five Pages: Eighth Grade Math: Binary Systems Lesson One

High School Curriculum Samples

For the full student portal experience and more samples sign up for the free sample of Earthschooling High School at 

Goal Chart (What we are planning. Classes subject to change or modification) High School Classes Progress Chart (What we have finished so far. This chart is updated monthly) High School Classes African Drumming Lesson Sample Ninth & Tenth Grade Embryology Lesson Sample Iron Working Lesson Sample High School Watercolor Lesson Sample

BEarth Academy Samples

BEarth Academy Math Program Sample BEarth Academy Science Program Sample BEarth Academy Art Program Sample
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