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The answers to some of the most frequently asked basic questions about Earthschooling can be found on the General FAQs page mentioned above. To see questions and answers to more specific questions (for example, “How can Earthschooling meet the needs of a child on the autism spectrum?”, please see our Blog FAQs category)

Question: Where can I find samples of the curriculum?

Answer: All of our samples are found on the Complete Curriculum Package Page under each individual grade. So, for example, if you are looking for second grade samples you will find them under the second grade curriculum listing. You will not find samples under the individual lesson block listings as we consider those blocks “samples” to the curriculum itself. When you purchase a block to “sample” the curriculum you receive credit for your purchase when you upgrade. Please contact us at: CustomerService@TheBEarthInstitute.com for your upgrade code.

Question: How can I pay with PayPal Credit?

Answer: Yes, you may send payment through Paypal Credit. When I log into my Paypal account that option always comes up for me as an option because I applied and registered for Paypal Credit. If this does not happen for you during checkout you may try three of the following options:

  1. You will need to use the “PayPal Credit” button contained in the listing of the item you want to purchase. If you use our regular shopping cart PayPal Credit may not show up as an option.
  2. You can see the button when you click on a listing to expand it. The button does not show up on the listing preview. So, for example, if you go to the Curriculum Package page you will not see the “PayPal Credit” button. However, if you click on any of the packages, like the First Grade Package, you will see it.
  3. Does Paypal Credit show up when you try to make payments for other online items but does not show up for our website? If so, then you can request a special payment link or invoice from us by e-mailing: CustomerService@TheBEarthInstitute.com
  4. Have you applied for Paypal Credit? If not, then you can visit their website and apply. Once you are accepted it will show up as an option. You can start the process here: https://www.paypalcredit.com/index.html
  5. If you already have Paypal Credit and it offers you the option to directly send funds you can send funds to: CustomerService@TheBEarthInstitute.com with a note about what product you are purchasing.
  6. Make sure you have your PayPal Credit settings set correctly in your account. You may need to switch your preferences to “Set PayPal Credit as preferred method of payment” (this does not mean that you always have to pay with PayPal Credit, it just means that option will come up first and you can always change it back).
  7. If you are making a purchase from outside the USA you need to make sure your PayPal Credit is linked to your credit line to be able to purchase with PayPal Credit outside of your country.

Question: Do I need to purchase/follow the blocks in order? What if we start late? What if we live in the Southern Hemisphere? Should I purchase monthly planners or lesson blocks?

Answer: There are many challenges in creating a secular curriculum that can be used for seasonal/holiday activities, that also provides enough quality content for main lesson topics, and that can also be adapted to members around the globe. For this reason we have created five options so everyone can choose the option that suits them best. There are five organizational options you have when using the curriculum:

(some of this information can also be found in the planning document My Waldorf Year that all curriculum package members have access to on the Essential Parent-Teacher Guide Page)

  1. OPTION ONE: You can use the curriculum according to the season or holiday. We have worked hard to base our Monthly “Daily Planners” on themes and blocks rather than holiday and seasonal topics so you will find some seasonal activities in each Monthly “Daily Planners”,  However, they are not dependent on the seasons or holidays so they can be used in any month. As long as you do the month of August first (this month has no holidays or seasons associated with it) you can do the rest of the year in any order as the month of August contains the basic lessons for the year. It is OK if you do the alphabet “out of order” in first grade, you do “part two” of Norse Mythology before “part one” in fourth grade, etc. We have designed the lessons to be used in any order.
  2. OPTION TWO: You can use Lesson Blocks instead of our Monthly “Daily Planners“. These Lesson Blocks do not have any association with the seasons or holidays and focus exclusively on the main lessons. You can then supplement these blocks with holiday or seasonal activities from the Cultural Enrichment Page (all members who have purchased a curriculum package have access to this page) or with seasonal and holiday activities from our blog.
  3. OPTION THREE: You can use the Monthly “Daily Planners” in order and extract holiday activities on your own. This is a lot easier than it sounds. To do this you simply need to open up two of the Monthly “Daily Planners”. Use the one that is “in sequential order” as your main planner. Use the one that corresponds with the season or holiday as your secondary planner. This means that as you follow the lessons each week you will use the main planner to teach from. However, at the start of each week you will check the secondary planner quickly to see if there are any holiday or seasonal activities/verses/stories you may want to include as well. You can simply add these on top of the main planner. This is very easy to do as all of our planners follow the exact same format.
  4. OPTION FOUR: If you are a Lifetime Family Package member you have access to our holiday/seasonal guides that can be found on this page HERE (once you click on a month please choose the option on that page that says “…preschool through fourth grade” or “…pre to G4”. These are not for individual sale on the website. They are only available to Lifetime Family Package members or members who have purchased a monthly set. These seasonal and holiday activities can be used to supplement any block or planner.
  5. OPTION FIVE: You can use either the Monthly “Daily Planner” lessons or the Lesson Blocks and add your own additional holiday and seasonal activities on top of these. Many people already have these activities established as traditions in their family, culture, or community and do not want them as part of the curriculum as well. We also have some free holiday activities on our blog you can use if you want additional holiday or seasonal activities.
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