Celebrating Diversity

Our sister company, Earthschooling, has been creating a diversity-based Waldorf curriculum for more than 25 years so we wanted to create a section of books to support that in our shop. Please come back often. This section is an evolving project being done in cooperation with Waldorf teachers around the world.

E-mail us at: CustomerService@TheBEarthInstitute.com if there is a category or book you use/want to use in your Waldorf classes that you would like to see represented in this section.

Alan Whitehead, Waldorf teacher of both students and teachers, in his book The People Pool says of Steiner, “He recommended on every hand the telling of ‘folk’ tales (‘marchen’)…‘Folk’ tale means, as the quoted passage makes clear, the story of one’s own people and place – the children’s own story. Remember what he said, ‘They were themselves a part of the story’. The folk story is something that is continually created anew, as the circumstances of the folk change. They serve a particular time and place of a given people of folk.” The stories below provide those stories. 

Additionally, in teaching different blocks, Waldorf Teachers historically make an effort to find an authentic voice to invite to the classroom to tell stories that are not their own. But what if this isn’t possible? A book is the second best way to invite an authentic voice into your classroom!