become_partner_buttonBecome a “Partner in Education” with us and have your message reach thousands of families interested in holistic living, healing and education! As a “Partner in Education” you receive the following for only $50.00 a month

or pay for 6-months of social media, newsletter and promotional benefits for only $150.00 and save 50%!

We connected with over 98,692 people this week!

1. Speak Directly to 23,631 of our Members: Your LOGO is included in every newsletter with the note “Support Our Partners in Education“. And we get new members DAILY (I will update the number above each week). You can also be our featured sponsor up to once a month. You are featured in ALL of our newsletters including Avicenna Institute News and Earthschooling Inspirations.

2. 4 Social Media Blasts: Send us up to one Facebook post a week and we will post it to our pages for you. Our fan pages reach more than 73,000 people directly (and more when they share). Your post will also reach LinkedIN and Twitter! You can also send us a visual post to post to our Instagram and Pinterest accounts. We have social media covered! And we get new members DAILY (I will update the number above each week).

3. Be Promoted to Over 125,000 people and their friends! We will feature your business in an article in our newsletter four times a year. Send us a guest post, a bio, or something you want to highlight about your company. Your first feature will be available on the day you partner with us. Every time we send a newsletter it will also be posted on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN! This is IN ADDITION TO your monthly feature.

Work Exchange Partners

Our policy on work exchanges is to offer the exchange credit once the work is completed by the member. We cannot offer access to curriculum before work is completed. If you would like to accept a current job posted on our website here we can issue your payment in the form of curriculum or a payment via PayPal.

Promotional Sessions

Some customers, affiliates, friends, and partners do consulting or want to promote Earthschooling to their group using “member website tours” and discussions. This can be done under the following conditions:

  1. The person doing the website tour must obtain permission each time they have a session and inform us of the date and location of the session. 
  2. The person doing the website tour must submit a proposal as to what pages they will be showing during their session and what they will be talking about.
  3. “Done in affiliation with Earthschooling” or “Done with permission from Earthschooling” must be displayed on all promotional materials with a link to this page so others know they are conducting an authorized session.
  4. Sessions cannot be recorded when they show the member pages.

Promotional Exchange Partners

For ethical reasons as well as affiliate reasons (our teachers receive a commission on each sale) we are unable to offer free curriculum in exchange for promotional posts. However, we do pay for promotional posts from happy members depending on your social media following or blog readership. If you are a current member who enjoys our curriculum and would like to do a promotional post we offer two ways in which you can earn money with your post:

  1. You can become an affiliate here  and add an affiliate link to your post. Using this link you would receive a commission each time someone clicks through to our website and makes a purchase. This is the preferred method chosen by most people and offers you the best opportunities as we pay a generous 15% commission to our affiliates.
  2. If you have a large social media following and have standard rates that you charge for a promoted post please let us know and we can pay that rate in curriculum credits rather than dollars.  If you would like to do this please send us a specific proposal with statistics, numbers, expected engagement, what kind of promotion you will do for us, and expected results. You will also need to send us your standard rate sheet along with the names at least two of your advertising customers for reference. Once we agree on a results-based fee a contract will be sent over from our financial department to be signed by both you (or your company) and our company. If you have standard contracts that you use already we can also work with those.
  3. Important note: Because we have over 15,700 followers on Instagram, over 2 million views on Youtube, and a combined 34,733 followers on Facebook we do not usually pay for promotional space for social media accounts that are not above those numbers. If you do have an account that exceeds those numbers please send us your standard rate sheet.

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