Earthschooling Facts

Did you know..?


…is the oldest online Waldorf curriculum. Earthschooling pioneered the movement to make Waldorf curriculum available online!

…coordinates with your state or region’s core curriculum standards.

…can send your student a certificate and transcript for their completed year of school.

…is the only Waldorf curricula that includes eurythmy as part of the curriculum.

…offers lifetime access to all grades of curricula? Once you purchase a grade you have access for life and can use it for multiple children.

…offers members free Q & A sessions with a certified Waldorf teacher every Wednesday. Our members love this!

…offers payment plans for all curricula.

…allows you to purchase just lesson blocks or just a month of curriculum instead of an entire year.

….offers 50% scholarships to families in need.

…is used by Waldorf schools and Waldorf teachers around the world.

…now offers “daily planner” lessons in addition to the traditional Waldorf blocks. In these “daily planners” we have scheduled everything for you so you can just “open and go”. Parents working with multiple ages or who own a home business have said these new “daily planners” are a life-saver!

…offers schools and groups of people co-op options that save you more than 50%

…does not offer sales but offers good values every day of the year.

…works with certified Waldorf teachers and trained professionals.

…Includes teacher support videos & mp3s with all curricula.

…has teachers with experience in the classroom, with multiple ages and with homeschooling.

…includes cultural support materials with all curricula. These support materials include all the watercolor verses in Spanish, the Spanish Alphabet Waldorf Style, The Arabic Alphabet Waldorf Style and much more!

…offers a high school portal so students can do their Waldorf high school lessons on their own.

…has an organized gallery with over 1,000 images submitted by members who are using the Earthschooling curriculum.

…has a private member blog with extra lessons, extra verses, all the old Q & A sessions, useful articles and extra lessons contributed by members.

…offers a complete set of videos to support your development as a teacher in the areas of handwork, chalk drawing, block crayon drawing, all levels of watercolor and more.

…offers a complete course in “Finding Your Inner Voice” so you can share the beauty of music with your students to the best of your ability.

…has won awards from and



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