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Reading ListsThis is a community project – please join in by adding your own favorite “Waldorf books” to this list. All entries will be checked for accuracy and then added to the list so you know the list is accurate and does not contain repeated entries. The links below will be functional when people have submitted some entries below. The purpose of this list is to create a large “Waldorf Reading List” that can meet the needs of everyone in the community – even communities around the world. 

To submit a book to this list please answer the question, “What are your favorite “Waldorf-inspired books” for children?” Please  list age, title, author and a little summary of the book. Books in other languages and vintage books are welcome. If the book is no longer in publication please list its publication date and an online link if you can find it online. Please send your submissions to:

P = Intended for parent to read to the child
C= Intended for a child to read alone

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade
Seventh Grade – Coming Soon
Eighth Grade – Coming Soon

Contributors to the List
Thanks go to the following people for their help in creating this list!

Waldorf Teacher Diane Power

Christine, USA (Homeschooling Parent)
Carmen, Australia (Homeschooling Parent)
Krista, USA (Homeschooling Parent)
Kristie, IA, USA (Waldorf Earthschooling Parent)
Becca, USA (Waldorf Earthschooling Parent)
Claudia,Mexico (Teacher at Waldorf School/Earthschooling Member)
Rachel, UK
Rebekah, NJ, USA (Waldorf Parent)
Nikki, UK (Waldorf Parent)
Jennifer, USA (Waldorf Earthschooling Parent)


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