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Last updated: August 27, 2020

This Privacy Policy describes Our policies and procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of your information when you use the Service and tells you about your privacy rights and how the law protects you. You can  link to our privacy policy online here or download a copy below.

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Purchase Notes

These materials are all delivered electronically and can be viewed, listened to and/or printed on your Kindle, Ipad, Computer, Smart Phone or any other device. We cannot offer refunds on electronic materials. Our very low prices do not allow for the resale or transfer of memberships. Please see our FREE Electronic Materials Guide for help. We also give FREE tech support for all electronic materials. We also take orders by phone at: 800-630-9167 or using our alternate payment page at: https://squareup.com/market/the-bearth-institute. Note that we use Paypal as a credit card processing tool only but you DO NOT need a Paypal account to pay for any of the items in our store. When you click on order just choose “pay with debit or credit card” from the Paypal link, give them an e-mail address that is not linked to a Paypal account and choose “I do not want to register for a Paypal account” if asked. If you have any questions or issues with the payment system please e-mail us at: CustomerService@TheBEarthInstitute.com.

Resale/Transferring/Sharing is Illegal

Resale, transfer, or sharing of any Earthschooling curriculum is illegal. When you purchase any electronic curriculum, books, mp3s, videos or webinars online you are agreeing that you will not resell or share this curriculum (or other item), transfer ownership of the curriculum (or other item) or share it in any manner. There are many reasons for this.

  1. This is standard for ALL electronic materials on any website. For example, if you purchase an e-book version of a book from Amazon you are not allowed to re-sell it or share it. If you download a song from iTunes it is illegal to re-sell it or share it.
  2. We pay for each person that accesses the website and pay a hefty fee each month to maintain the membership section and host all the member files. If curriculum is passed from person to person each sale would end up costing us hundreds of dollars. We would end up paying for customers to use our materials.
  3. The material you are purchasing is copyrighted.
  4. The contracts we have with our teachers provide for sale to one family, school or person. If another person uses the same curriculum we are legally bound to pay a second commission to the teachers involved in that curriculum. Once again, this would result in us paying hundreds of dollars OUT instead of a few dollars in.
  5. Electronic data is unique in that it can easily be distributed worldwide to hundreds of thousands of people in one instant. Sharing and re-selling electronic materials of any kind puts those materials at risk of piracy and mass distribution which devalues the program and the thousands of hours and more than 20 years of work that have gone into building it.
  6. This program goes way beyond curriculum materials. Among other things, it consists of a member forum, weekly Q & A sessions with a Waldorf teacher, weekly newsletter and regular updates, which we pay for on a weekly basis. It is impossible to legally re-sell your access to personal services we pay for on an hourly basis.

Please contact us at: CustomerService@TheBEarthInstitute.com if you know of anyone trying to re-sell or share Earthschooling materials. If you have purchased re-sold Earthschooling materials in the past please contact us to make payment for those materials and register your own personal account. This will prevent any future legal action. 


As mentioned above we do not offer refunds for any of our electronic materials. The contracts we have with our teachers require that all materials that are accessed be paid for. We are not able to run a system where items can be accessed (and potentially downloaded) without being paid for. Once you have received your login information your materials are available to you in full. You then have full access and it becomes impossible to return the materials.

We are only able to offer this amazing variety of materials, tutorials and support from our teachers because we also offer them a safe place to share their wisdom and lessons. Thank you for understanding and supporting them in this way.

Alternatives to Refunds

Because we are unable to offer refunds, customers do have the following options available to them before and/or after they make a purchase:

1. There are over 50 samples on our website and over 100 samples on Youtube at www.TheWaldorfChannel.com.

2. We allow customers to purchase “one month” or “one block” of a product for the low cost of $10 – $25.00. If they want to upgrade to a curriculum package they receive a credit for their previous purchase as long as that upgrade happens within 30-days of the original purchase.

3. You can only use purchase credits to upgrade from lesson block/planner —> curriculum package —> Lifetime Family Package. You can not use purchase credits to downgrade from one product to a less expensive product or apply those credits to an unrelated product (for example using a first grade lesson block credit to upgrade to the second grade curriculum).

4. We offer free support with all products to make sure customers are able to download, access and use what they have purchased. In many cases we are able to offer a free consulting session or develop a special chart, product or class for a customer to fit their needs. You can ask a teacher or staff member for help using your materials any time. This is a free service offered at: CustomerService@TheBEarthInstitute.com

5. We have a Waldorf teacher that comes to the forum once a week. She can help you with any questions you may have about homeschooling, teaching and the Waldorf method.

6. Our forum is open 24-hours a day. We have hundreds of experienced members happy to offer their support and advice if you post there.

7.  In extreme cases we allow the customer to exchange their item for another item of equal value on the website (always at a loss to our company due to the commissions we pay to teachers on every product). Of course, even in extreme cases we are not able to offer any alternative after the first 30-days of purchase. 

8. If you find that the payment plan you are currently on is too high due to loss of job, accident or other situation please contact us and we may be able to lower your monthly payments.

Earthschooling Has a Professional Relationship With You

As much as we love to connect with our members on a personal level (see our Instagram and Facebook Forums) businesses cannot be run in the same way as a friendship. To be fair to everyone we have the same policy for every customer just as every professional company does – from your local coffee shop to a larger box store. We can definitely relate to individual life challenges – we have all had them – however, we cannot take these into consideration when you make purchases on our website.

If you have had an illness in the family, a job loss or an accident this is something to speak to friends or family members about and not our staff. If you change your mind about something, make a mistake, or your life circumstances change (you decide not to homeschool or you move, etc.) this is something that is part of your personal life and not part of our professional relationship. 

Earthschooling Curriculum Details

All curriculum packages include a full year of complete curriculum (all the lesson blocks), teacher resources (how-to videos and e-book guides), organization and planning charts, and MP3s of verses (Preschool – G3). Our curriculum is complete and does not require you purchase any additional books or lessons. For more information see www.Earthschooling.com and our page: What is Earthschooling?

Lesson Block Details

All lesson blocks are included in the curriculum so if you purchase curriculum you do not also need to purchase lesson blocks in the same grade. Lesson blocks offer you complete lessons and include any books, guides, illustrations, MP3s and/or other educational materials you may need to teach the block.

Naturopathic Series Details

Since 1994, The Avicenna Institute of Natural Healing has trained  students in holistic techniques from around the globe.  Students explore the common thread that runs through all holistic systems, as well as gain knowledge from holistic traditions that would be lost if not preserved in courses like the ones offered here.  All classes include private instruction, online classroom instruction, video and audio resources. A certificate is sent to each student upon completion of the courses. When courses are purchased individually they also include supplies. For more information visit www.TheAvicennaInstitute.com

Unani Tibb Course Details

The medicine of Avicenna/Islamic medicine is on the verge of becoming as popular as Chinese medicine in the West -and mostly outside of the Middle Eastern community. Avicenna, the cornerstone in the Middle Eastern Healing movement was heavily influenced by Chinese, Greek and Ayurvedic healers and wrote the Canon of Medicine which was the most widely studied work of medicine in Europe from the 12th to the 17th century.His methods, which draw from traditional texts, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and the medicine of Hippocrates has been refined and expounded on for the past 1000 years by prominent healers to produce a masterful system of healing which is filled with inspired and original ideas as well as a synthesis of all healing traditions from the East.

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