A Donsy of Gnomes

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A Donsy of Gnomes is just one of the dearest books ever. The wee folk who live in it will become fast friends with all the young children who get to meet them. And, these charming natural/magical little people come bringing gifts ~ in the most delightful ways possible they teach wee lessons, happily and by example, in generosity, selflessness, resourcefulness, courage and friendship…

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This is just a perfect little book for young children. Take your child on a charming and jaunty journey though the worlds of the gnomes. It’s just the thing for sweet dreams at night or a pause in the midst of a busy day. I predict that this will be one of the books that will remain alive in your children’s hearts long after they have grown and have children of their own.

A joy to be shared with children ages 3 and up!

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