Aromatherapy Certification Course – Audit or CEU Student

USD $250.00

These include its common and Latin names, general properties (such as stimulant or relaxant), precautions, historical physiological and psychological applications, oils that can serve as possible substitutions, oils with which it blends well, a description of its scent, for which skin types it is appropriate, and the classification of the “note” (a measure of the rate of evaporation of the oil.) Credit Hours: 140; 301: Introduction to Aromatherapy – 12 Credits; 301A: Aromatherapy Charts & Guides – 32 Credits; 301B: Spiritual Aromatherapy – 32 Credits; 301C: Aromatherapy Preparations and Formulas – 32 Credits; 301D: Case Studies in Aromatherapy – 32 Credits.



By taking this course, you will learn how essential oils were used historically for a variety of conditions that we now call by names such as: arthritis, circulation problems, edema, headaches, inflammation, joint pain, muscle soreness, joints sprains, stress, and more. The course covers more than 56 essential oils. You will study ten of the most essential categories of information on each oil. This is the audit version of the course. This will give you full access to the e-books, lectures, webinars, MP3s, videos, student lounge, student forum and support. Audit students do not submit assignments or receive certification. However, audit students may upgrade to full student status at any time and receive credit for what they have already paid for the course. You may also receive CEU credits by enrolling as an audit student.