At the Source: The Incarnation of the Child and the Development of a Modern Pedagogy

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Harlan Gilbert has written a highly readable, interesting and thorough book that will guide parents and teachers toward a deeper and more practical understanding of children, their developmental stages and how to create a pedagogy meets children where they are.

Author: Harlan Gilbert

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Perhaps the most exciting aspect of At the Source (to me at any rate) is the author’s grade-by-grade descriptions that include sections on how the child of a given age sees the world, the educational methodology that best meets the child’s understanding, and what curricula are appropriate, even necessary, at the given stage. These are short and sweet descriptions that nonetheless manage to go straight to the heart of the question and succeed in increasing the reader’s understanding by leaps and bounds. The passages are so rich with deep understanding and so simply and straightforwardly conveyed, that reading them becomes a window to a much wider understanding that the surface of the subject matter would imply. Really great stuff!

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