Balance Through Temperament & Typology

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There is a small monthly fee for enrolling with the payment plan option. Using the payment plan option you will pay $620.00 instead of $575.00. Credit Hours: 136; 801: Introduction to Typology – 12 Credits; 801A: The Humors in World Healing – 35 Credits; 801B: History of Typology and Temperament; 801C: Unani Tibb and the Four Humors – 35 Credits; 801D: The Four Humors in Art and Literature – 12 Credits; 801E: Usage and Application of the Four Humors – 42 Credits. If you enroll in this class as an individual class then upon completion of the program, you will be awarded a diploma as a Certified Temperament Consultant (CTC). If you are enrolled as a Naturopathic Doctorate student you will receive an ND after you complete all your courses and a certificate of completion for this one. If you are in the ND program and would like to work towards a second degree in this class please register for a Bachelors or Masters Degree upgrade on this page.

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In the tradition of Galen’s Four Humors and Steiner’s Four Temperaments we explore how the idea of temperament and type can assist you in the balance of the emotions, body and spirit. In this class we will explore over 46 different typology systems and how they relate to the four temperament system, the Unani Tibb system of temperaments, and the usage and application of the temperaments in nutrition, herbology, homeopathy, relationships, teaching and more. Diploma/Certificate of Completion: Certified Temperament Consultant (CTC).