Careers & Consulting in Natural Well-Being – Co-op Student Group

USD $1,500.00

Job opportunities that are explored include managing a nutritional store, formulating nutritional supplements, natural health spokesperson or coach, nutritional health lecturer, lifestyle coach, holistic journalist, freelance nutritional, or herbal consultant, and much more. Credit Hours: 152; 505: No to Diagnosis and Yes to Consulting – Legalities and Methodology in Consulting – 45 Credits; 505A: Case Studies – 45 Credits; 505B: Consulting Practicum and Client Forms and Charts – 62 Credits. If you are enrolled as a Naturopathic Doctorate student you will receive an ND after you complete all your courses and a certificate of completion for this one. If you are in the ND program and would like to work towards a second degree in this class please register for a Bachelors or Masters Degree upgrade on this page.


4-10 students can enroll in this class as a study co-op. The cost is then split between your co-op members. Please contact us with a list of your members so we can register each student individually and send them an invoice for their portion of the course. All students in the co-op group receive full access. However certification is not offered for this co-op course. This course is intended to help students start their professional career in any region with the certifications we issue and is valuable as an add-on to any other course.

This course gives you some tips on how to start doing consultations for your family, friends and clients using the information you have learned in this series of courses or other courses you have taken. This course helps you use the information you have learned in these courses in a responsible, ethical and legal manner. Business ideas and job opportunities including journalism, coaching and teaching are explored in this unit. Diploma/Certificate of Completion: Certified Natural Healing Consultant (CNHC).