Celtic Magic Book #3: The Faerie Knot

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Kidnapped by the Cailleach Bheur, Celtic Goddess of Winter, Mairi is without the aid of her friends as the earth sinks into a darkness brought on by the materialism of humans. Mairi must search deep within herself to find out if she has the power to help save mankind from the angry Dark Faeries as much as from the greed of humans, as she wonders if it might be better to set aside her Druidic ancestry and live in blissful oblivion like all the “normal” people. 

Author: H. R. Conklin

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This coming of age series is perfect for anyone curious about Celtic connections and mythic magic. While this is a novel with teen characters, so technically falls under YA, it safely appeals to ages 9-99 with family friendly MGcontent. The stories promote multigenerational interaction and eco-heroism, while following a heroine on her journey through time and other realms.

H. R. Conklin grew up in the rural mountains of Northern California where her mother gardened and her father played the bagpipes, as well as spending long hours in the theater where her parents were a dancer and an actor. Thisundoubtedly led to her overactive imagination and love for nature. She currently lives in San Diego with her husband, two children and three dogs. She formerly taught kindergarten at a public Waldorf charter school in which she told many fairy tales to the children, and made up stories in her spare time. She currently advises parents in homeschooling through a private Waldorf school Connect with H. R. Conklin on her website, www.wildrosestories.com, Facebook at Wild Rose Stories, and Instagram under Wild Rose Stories and Circles.

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