Chalk Drawing Tutorial Level 4: Creation: G3

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…& other “scenery with people and animal” pictures for your classroom in the future. These Chalk Drawing Tutorials are an average of 10-minutes long but were taken from an hour-long session. Parts have been sped up and voiced over so you can learn without watching the entire process in real time. You can see a sample of this video on our free video page. This video is free with the Third Grade curriculum, the Teacher Support Package (at: and the Lifetime/Family Package (at:


This wonderful video by Waldorf teacher Brian Wolfe takes you, step-by-step through the process of creating a chalk drawing for your third grade (and up) students. This video focuses on the skills you will need to draw a scenery for a creation myth.  This can also be used as a video tutorial for the G4 Man & Animal block. These skills can then be used by you to create an endless number of different Man & Animal pictures…