Chalk Drawing Tutorial Level 5: Norse Myths: G4

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These Chalk Drawing Tutorials are an average of 10-minutes long but were taken from an hour-long session. Parts have been sped up and voiced over so you can learn without watching the entire process in real time. You can see a sample of this video on our free video page. This video is free with the Fourth Grade curriculum, the Teacher Support Package (at: and the Lifetime/Family Package (at:


This wonderful video by Waldorf teacher Brian Wolfe takes you, step-by-step through the process of creating a chalk drawing for your fourth grade (and up or younger too!) students. This video focuses on the skills you will need to draw a scenery for the Norse Mythology Block. These skills can then be used by you to create an endless number of different Mythology scenes. You will learn multiple skills in this video that can also be used to create creation myth and other scenes from G2 through the G6 lesson blocks as well.