Chalk Drawing Tutorial Level 6: Portraits

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…chalk strokes, the importance and use of white chalk, detail work, establishing a base, layering, blending with fingers, how to blend with chalk, choice of colors, symmetry, different fabrics and more. Additional techniques illustrated in the video include: How to draw hair with chalk (shape, flow, color and texture), establishing shape, establishing depth, how to start, drawing clothing, shading techniques, symmetry, drawing lace, drawing bodices, drawing skirts, facial features (lips, eyes, nose) and choice of colors. This video is free with the Seventh Grade curriculum, the Teacher Support Package (at: and the Lifetime/Family Package (at:


In this 50-minute video by Waldorf teacher, Rick Tan, made exclusively for Earthschooling, you will learn over 26 chalk-drawing techniques you can use to create portraits or other drawings. Watch Rick as he shows you how to create a chalk drawing of Queen Elizabeth, along the way sharing a bit of history and visually demonstrating chalk pressure technique, seven different…