Clothing the Play

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Roswitha Spence has for years produced plays, their stages and costumes at Emerson College in England.  Clearly, she is a master at taking simple materials and transforming them easily into everything needed to powerfully, gracefully and beautifully present a story on stage.  In this book, she shares the details of her art and allows us to learn at her feet the ways of stagecraft and simple beauty.

Author: Roswitha Spence

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Anyone who works with the theater, whether with adults or children, will love diving into this book and emerging with new and exhilarating ideas and techniques.  Whether you want to envision a staging layout, a puppet theater, costumes for a class play, or a simple enactment to be portrayed by a mixed group of homeschoolers, this book will guide you.  It is clearly explained, profusely illustrated with photos and drawings, and, quite simple, a joy.

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