Clump-a-Dump and Snickle-Snack

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What is it about the pentatonic scale that children like so much? It’s always harmonious, therefore, it always sounds good, and that adds to the fun! Gnomes, fairies, sylphs, sprites, and all the “people” in a child’s world animate these forty-two pentatonic songs for young children, 4 and above.

Author: Johanne Russ

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This lovely collection of songs became an almost constant companion when our children were young. We sang just about all of them — some, like the lullabies, were heard every day; others, like the songs for Christmas, Michaelmas, Easter and the seasons, became hallmarks of joyous times and occasions.

For sheer beauty and delight, and for songs that both children and parents love, Clump-a-Dump and Snickle-Snack is just the ticket!

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