USD $45.00

These certificates are only available to parents/teachers/schools participating in the Earthschooling Curriculum Program.

NOTE THAT WE SEND OUT OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS IN JANUARY, JUNE, and AUGUST EACH YEAR. If you need documents at another time of year please submit a request before you make a purchase so we can confirm a delivery date with you. We are not able to accommodate “urgent” requests so please plan ahead when requesting official documents.


Make submitting papers to your state home-school board, public school transfer office, high school (or other organization) a breeze! Once you purchase Earthschooling curriculum you may also purchase this certificate/transcript option and then submit a request once your child is finished with the year (this can be submitted any time during the year – it is attached to when THEY finish and not the school year) stating that you followed the Earthschooling curriculum and completed it. At that point we will send you a diploma for that year for your child as well as a transcript reflecting the classes they have taken that year. If you wish to submit grades for the classes please have your child’s teacher (you or another teacher) provide those to us in the letter. Otherwise all transcripts will reflect a pass/fail status. These certificates are suitable for framing and come stamped with The BEarth Institute, Inc. seal.

The price below is per student and per certificate and transcript. If you need to order certificates and/or transcripts for more than one year, each year will need to be a separate order. If you need to order transcripts for more than one child, each child will be a separate order.

Earthschooling Diploma/Certificate Sample Earthschooling Transcript Sample