Dream Feather

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When the time is right all things are
released from their hidden places
and brought to the light of day.

A native boy on is led on a spirit journey by a sacred feather that takes him through all the realms of the spirit world and the human heart.  Told in truly beautiful poetry/prose and illustrated with remarkable paintings filled with beauty and wisdom, I can see Waldorf 4th and 5th graders wrapping themselves in this story, and older children and adults loving the simplicity of the wisdom it conveys. 

Author: Viento Stan-Padilla

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A quick note about the author:  Viento Stan-Padilla was associated for many years with Live Oak Waldorf School in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains.  There is a universal wisdom that embodies his stories and paintings, and a clear love of all creation.

Highly recommend!

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