Block Seven (February) First Grade Lessons: Math, Handwork, Pentatonic Recorder & More

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Note: Once you have completed Block One you can do the rest of the year’s blocks in any order.

These Block Seven lessons for first grade include lesson plans for math, language, and/or science for each day of the month (across the entire year the first grader covers all subjects). Each month’s plans are also filled with stories, verses, recipes, pentatonic recorder lessons, handwork lessons, pictures, natural crafts and nature walk ideas. Each day of the month is planned out for you in detail. You will not need to purchase any additional books or lessons to enjoy a full complete month of first grade!

Holiday and seasonal activities for February are included in Block Seven. However, they are provided as extras so if you are living in an area of the world where the season is different or you don’t celebrate a certain holiday you will not be left out – you will still have a full month of activities!

SPECIFICS: In Block Seven students will learn the basics of Waldorf math and will be lead through enchanting math stories that teach them about the four processes. Students will also focus in more detail on learning about the numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4 this month. Students will continue their handwork journey by learning to knit a ball and make unique candles as well as other handwork activities such as making paper. Students will enjoy wonderful stories & verses all month as usual. Students will learn to cook/bake four new things including crepes. A video is provided for the crepe lesson. Students will learn two new pentatonic recorder songs this month using the unique Earthschooling method.

This monthly block also comes with mp3s for the basic verses, mp3s for the monthly verses, and three teacher support documents: Waldorf 101, My Waldorf Year Planner and Waldorf Basics.

Themes for this month include: Candles, Love, Heroes & Leaders, & a Bountiful Life.

You can see samples of our first grade lessons at the end of the description in this listing HERE.

You can receive credit for this purchase if you choose to upgrade to the full year of curriculum within 30-days of your original purchase.