Herbs for Kids

USD $60.00

Herbs can be used for healing, health, and nutrition. In this class we explore all those aspects of herbalism from a child’s point of view. This class includes many videos of herb class I have held in my home for children, lectures I have given and many hands-on activities that include the body as well as the mind. Herbs are explored through art, stories, and the six senses – hearing, touch, smell, sight, taste and intuition. See a list of classes included in this set below..,


Herbs for Kids includes:

Course Guide (PDF)
Teaching Kids About Herbs (Video)
Herbs for Kids Part 1 and Part 2 (PDF Lessons)
Herbal Identification Video Lesson
Herbal Form Drawing Video Lesson
Herbal Lip Balm Lesson Video Lesson
Herbal Senses & Sense of Smell Video Lesson
Herbal Senses & Sense of Taste Video Lesson
Herbal Yoga Video Lesson
How to Make Herbal Candy Video Lesson
Making Herbal Syrups Video Lesson
Ten Ways to Heal by Cooking with Herbs Video Lesson
Red Clover: An Herbal Fairy Tale (with wet-on-wet watercolor images)