Iridology Course: High School Edition

USD $600.00

This class is for high school students interested in delving deeper into the science of iridology. For high school credit purposes this course is considered a course in medical history and anatomy. There is no student lounge or live interactions with this course.

Iridology requires none of the inconveniences of undressing, taking blood, giving urine, or drinking unpleasant fluid. In iridology, every part of the body that is supplied with nerves has its corresponding reflex area on the iris of the eye, allowing us to interpret the organs and tissues in that sector. Iris signs can be interpreted by the trained iridologist to provide information about the client’s general constitution and their genetic susceptibility to particular imbalances. Credit Hours: 371; 501:Introduction to Iridology – 32 Credits; 501A: International Charts and Visuals – 24 Credits; 501B: Body Systems and Anatomy – 45 Credits; 501C: The Brain – 24 Credits; 501D: Advanced Markings – 45 Credits; Practicum in Iridology – 24 Credits; 502: Introduction to Advanced Iridology – 12 Credits; 502A: Rayid Iridology – 32 Credits; 502B: Personality Types in Iridology – 32 Credits; 501C: Left and Right Brain in Iridology – 24 Credits; 502D: Four Temperament Markers in Iridology – 32 Credits; 502E: Specific Markings in Iridology – 45 Credits. ). 



This course includes both beginning and advanced Iridology concepts. The iris of the eye is comprised of many thousands of individual fibers, amongst which are located nerve endings linked directly to the brain. Iridology is a useful tool to any developing consultant or current professional wishing to provide a truly personalized and holistic service to their clients. Iridology is used as part of the interpretation repertoire that can complement both natural and orthodox medicine. Iridology interpretation of the physical body is safe, gentle, and non-invasive. 

This course is not included in the Earthschooling High School Package.