Look at the Sky and Tell the Weather

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Look at the Sky was Eric Sloane’s favorite among all his books.  In it he shares not only his love of the weather itself, but his clear understanding of the art and science of weather forecasting.  Sloane himself is credited with being the first broadcast weatherman – it was his idea to have farmers from all over New England call in their weather observations which he would then broadcast and comment upon.  Not a bad system, really.

Author: Eric Sloane

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It is out of his love and enthusiasm for the weather that he wrote and illustrated several weather books, including Look at the Sky. To read it is to be caught up in the world of moving clouds and changeable winds, and to fall in love with actually looking at the sky.  He is more detailed about weather forecasting in this book than in either Eric Sloane’s Weather Book or Eric Sloane’s Book of Storms, and as such, this is a book that will probably best serve high school students and adults.  But do leave this one around the house or classroom if there are late grades students about – they may not penetrate everything, but they will be fascinated by the drawings and stories of weather lore, and inspired to go outside and really look at the sky.  I believe that is something that will stay with anyone who reads Sloane’s weather books.

This is such a good book – please do read it.

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