March Kindergarten Lessons

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These March lessons for kindergarten include lesson plans for each day of the month. These plans are filled with stories, verses, recipes, pictures, natural crafts and nature walk ideas. Each day of the month is planned out for you in detail. You will not need to purchase any additional books or lessons to enjoy a full complete month of kindergarten!

Holiday and seasonal activities for March are included. However, they are provided as extras so if you are living in an area of the world where the season is different or you don’t celebrate a certain holiday you will not be left out – you will still have a full month of activities!

You can receive credit for this purchase if you choose to upgrade to the full year of curriculum within 30-days of your original purchase.

1 review for March Kindergarten Lessons

  1. Jessica Nankin

    If a purchase a month of kindergarten curriculum, would it include any online support or access into the discussion forums, etc for that month? I’d like to trial the material before committing to a full year. The sample appears a bit disorganized but I have heard good reviews and understand that the appearance of disorganization is likely to allow for flexibility. I’d like to try it and see how it flows in real time.

    • thebearthinstitute

      Thank you for your question. Anyone purchasing any item is always welcome to e-mail with questions about their purchase. There is also a forum on Facebook called “Earthschooling Public Discussion” where you can post questions. The discussion forum we have with the weekly Q & A with a Waldorf teacher and other curriculum members is only accessible with the full curriculum package purchase.

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