Master Herbalist Certification Course – Co-op Class

USD $3,500.00

This course discusses how herbs have historically been used for first aid situations such as bleeding, burns, fevers, colds, anxiety and other urgent care situations. This class will also highlight focus areas of herbal well-being such as herbs for women, herbs for children, herbs for men and more. Credit Hours: 458: 201: Herbal Preparations – 24 Credits; 201A: World Views – 24 Credits; 201B: Basic Preparations – 32 Credits; 201C: Simple Formulas – 12 Credits; 202: Herbal First Aid – 12 Credits; 202A: Foundations of First Aid – 12 Credits; 202B: Creating a First Aid Kit – 12 Credits; 202C: Herbs for Infectious Diseases in History – 24 Credits; 203: Herbs for Women – 32 Credits; 203A: Materia Medica for Women – 32 Credits; 203B: Herbs for Pregnancy – 12 Credits; 203C: Herbs for Beauty and Cosmetics – 24 Credits; 204: Herbal Well-Being – 18 Credits; 204A: Introduction to Herbs – 32 Credits; 204B: Herbal Profiles – 32 Credits; 204C: Alchemy and Herbalism – 24 Credits; 204D: Advanced Herbal Preparations – 32 Credits; 204E: Herbal Combinations and Formulas – 32 Credits; 204F: Belief Systems and Herbal Balance – 24 Credits; 204G: History of Herbal Healing – 12 Credits


4-10 students can enroll in this class as a study co-op. The cost is then split between your co-op members. Please contact us with a list of your members so we can register each student individually and send them an invoice for their portion of the course. All students in the co-op group receive full access and certification.

This course provides a comprehensive overview and understanding of the distinction of organic and inorganic substances and their effect on the human body. The use of herbs in the restoration of balance and well-being will be studied. The four classifications of herbs, descriptions of their properties, actions, effects and applications for physical and emotional balance and well-being will be studied in this course to provide a classic background in traditional herbology. You will learn how to prepare herbs & how to take them. You will learn how to prepare powerful tinctures, children’s syrups, salves and more. Over 30 different methods are described in this course. Diploma/Certificate of Completion: Master Herbalist (MH)