Naturopathic Co-op

USD $5,750.00

Would you like to study Naturopathy as a group? Perhaps you would like to teach the class to a group of people and use it to earn money for yourself? Or perhaps your co-op would like to study together or you would like to take the series of classes with a friend or family member? This purchase allows you to share the cost with a group of people (from 2-10 people) Each person in the group is eligible for certification…


…and a final certificate. This purchase is the same as the Naturopathic (ND) Course that includes homeopathy, reflexology, aromatherapy, herbal well-being, nutritional well-being, balance through temperaments, legal and ethical consultations and iridology. The only difference is that for a slightly increased cost you can share the cost with multiple people and have the option of studying together. One set of physical text books, which are not required for the course, are also shared between members. Physical text books are not essential to the course as all texts, lectures, Mp3s, videos and handouts are available online. All members of the co-op receive the same benefits that non-co-op students enjoy. These benefits include: a personal log in, membership in the student forum, and personal interaction with the course instructor.