Naturopathic Series: High School Edition

USD $2,500.00

This class is for high school students interested in delving deeper into the science of naturopathy. For high school credit purposes this course is considered a course in science. There is no student lounge or live interactions with this course.




This Course in Traditional Naturopathy includes all the natural well-being classes you need to earn your doctorate. Classes include: Anatomy, 101: Nutritional Balance, 201: Herbal Preparations, 202: Herbal First Aid, 203: Herbs for Women, 204: Herbal Well-Being, 301: Aromatherapy, 401: Reflexology, 501: Beginning, 502: Advanced Iridology, 601: Homeopathic Case Taking, 602: Homeopathic Consulting, 702: Legal and Ethical Consultations, 801: Balance Through Temperaments and Typology. For more detailed information on individual classes please read the descriptions of each individual course on the high school page.

This class is not included in the Earthschooling High School Package.