Naturopathic Series Payment Plan

USD $3,750.00

This Ph.D.Course in Traditional Naturopathy includes all the natural well-being classes you need to earn your doctorate. Classes include: Anatomy, 101: Nutritional Balance, 201: Herbal Preparations, 202: Herbal First Aid, 203: Herbs for Women, 204: Herbal Well-Being, 301: Aromatherapy, 401: Reflexology, 501: Beginning, 502: Advanced Iridology, 601: Homeopathic Case Taking, 602: Homeopathic Consulting, 702: Legal and Ethical Consultations, 801: Balance Through Temperaments and Typology. For more detailed information on individual classes please read the descriptions of each individual course. Diploma/Certificate of Completion: Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy, Traditional Naturopath. If you would like additional degrees in a specific classes instead of certificates of completion you can register for a Bachelors or Masters upgrade in the course(s) you want to focus on.

15 Payments of only $250.00


This payment plan allows you to enroll as a full time student in the Naturopathic Series Course and receive all your class materials after your first payment. For details on the Naturopathic Series Course please visit the Naturopathy page. Note: There is a maintenance fee on all payment plans. By opting for the payment plan option you are paying $3,750.00 for the series of classes instead of $3,500.00. Click on the blue highlighted text that says “15 Payments of $250.00” to be taken to the payment plan page. Note that the price shows as $0.00 because you are using an outside link to register for a payment plan and are not using the cart feature.


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