Naturopathic Series Payment Plan

USD $3,750.00

This Ph.D.Course in Traditional Naturopathy includes all the natural well-being classes you need to earn your doctorate. Classes include: Anatomy, 101: Nutritional Balance, 201: Herbal Preparations, 202: Herbal First Aid, 203: Herbs for Women, 204: Herbal Well-Being, 301: Aromatherapy, 401: Reflexology, 501: Beginning, 502: Advanced Iridology, 601: Homeopathic Case Taking, 602: Homeopathic Consulting, 702: Legal and Ethical Consultations, 801: Balance Through Temperaments and Typology. For more detailed information on individual classes please read the descriptions of each individual course. Diploma/Certificate of Completion: Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy, Traditional Naturopath. If you would like additional degrees in a specific classes instead of certificates of completion you can register for a Bachelors or Masters upgrade in the course(s) you want to focus on.

15 Payments of only $250.00


This payment plan allows you to enroll as a full time student in the Naturopathic Series Course and receive all your class materials after your first payment. For details on the Naturopathic Series Course please visit the Naturopathy¬†page. Note: There is a maintenance fee on all payment plans. By opting for the payment plan option you are paying $3,750.00 for the series of classes instead of $3,500.00.¬†Click on the blue highlighted text that says “15 Payments of $250.00” to be taken to the payment plan page. Note that the price shows as $0.00 because you are using an outside link to register for a payment plan and are not using the cart feature.