Needle-Felting an Underwater Scene

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Ages: 9 through adult

In this video artist Megan Hammer covers the use of the multi-needle tool as well as using the single-needle tool for details. This project requires a lot of detail work so is most suited to a person who has been through and mastered the first videos in this series or a person that has experience with needle-felting.

During this video you will also naturally review how to handle the wool and pull it apart correctly, how to hold the tools, the needle-felting and punching process, color, and more. Your final project for this tutorial will be ta charming underwater world. This is the perfect video to get any teacher, parent, or student excited about needle-felting! This video would also go well with an animal science lesson, the fourth grade man and animal block, a field trip to the aquarium or sea-side, or science lesson for the older grades. You can see a sample excerpt from this video below or here.

SAMPLE of How to Needle-Felt a Detailed Scene: The Ocean