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We decided to carry the Pathfinder’s series of books for our teenage readers because they tell stories of every day Native American teenagers from their own point of view. As part of a curriculum that seeks to embrace diversity and understanding of other cultures it is important that we allow people their own voices rather than speaking for them. In this book Joseph Bruchac, a proud Nulhegan Abenaki citizen, and respected elder among his people, tells an adventure story that everyone will enjoy, as well as learn from.

Author: Joseph Bruchac

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A teenage survival expert finds all his skills tested as he’s pursued through the Canadian wilderness by men determined to silence him. On his way to teach at Camp Seven Generations, a Native outdoor school, Nick witnesses a murder and then is thrown off a train. Remembering and using the teachings of his Abenaki elders will prove to be the difference between life and death.

The author, Joseph Bruchac is a writer, storyteller, proud Nulhegan Abenaki citizen, and respected elder among his people. He lives in the Adirondack mountain foothills town of Greenfield Center, New York, in the same house where his maternal grandparents raised him. Much of his writing draws on that land and his Native American ancestry. 

Review from ALA Booklist:

This high/low adventure is the epitome of an adrenaline rush. It is a terrific survival story packed with fascinating facts (how to cover tracks and hide all evidence of a campsite, what to do if you find yourself in a cave with a bear) and wonderful nods to the Abenaki language and Native American cultural tenants of thanking animals and leaving no trace.

— Becca Worthington

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