Soprano Recorder Lessons

USD $25.00

Includes: 2 PDFs & 5 Videos!

More Details: These lessons come with printable lesson cards,  soprano recorder guide, charts and sheet music! Using this set you will be able to teach your child how to play the soprano recorder even if you don’t know how to read music or play recorder. This set also includes all the basic instruction you need, as well as purchasing tips, information about other recorders, and many songs laid out in easy-to-follow lessons. The pages are colorful and are laid out much like a Main Lesson Book. 


This amazing set gives you all the tools you need to teach your first year of Soprano recorder – books, charts, lessons and a teacher instruction video! In the video, one of our Waldorf teachers, Joy Cowburn, shows you how to teach the skills of holding the recorder, blowing into the recorders, the first story you will tell, finger positions and practice sessions, and the first song you will teach your student(s). This video and book set are all you need to get through your first year of soprano recorder lessons. Learn alongside your student(s) and fill your home with music! This set is available here in the shop at, on the Teacher Support page or comes free with the Teacher Support Package or Earthschooling Lifetime Family Curriculum. This is also included in the third grade curriculum package.