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Teaching with the Fables is so much bigger on the inside than it looks to be on the outside. It is the finest book I have ever seen on the topic of Waldorf teaching, and hands-down the best, fullest, and most beautiful exposition of the fables and what they can become to a child of about 8 years old (2nd grade).

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There is no question about Main Lesson teaching in general (not just for 2nd grade), it’s rhythms and wherefores, its content and delivery that is not answered in this priceless gem. That the book itself is beautiful and also includes instruction for painting, sculpting and acting these timeless fables makes it one of the most valuable gifts ever to be put forth in the interest of our children. I am both moved and heartened that such a book now exists — for surely, it has been hoped for by many for a very long time.

Sieglinde includes 3 extended fables with poems, illustrations and suggestions for additional lesson work. Here you can learn how to:

  • extend a fable into a full, engaging story
  • illustrate a fable with crayons and water colors
  • write a poem about the fable or its characters
  • create a play or puppet show about the fable
  • sculpt the fable characters with wax or clay
  • create a natural science lesson around a fable

Teaching with the Fables brings to the door of every teacher and homeschooler everything you need to share the beauty and joy of the fables with the 2nd graders in your care. Beyond that, it offers a lifetime of teaching wisdom and technique. It is truly a treasure.

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