Temperaments for Well-Being, Homeschooling and Relationships

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… burned to a CD. This video is free to members of the Nutritional (ND) Course or Temperament Course. This lecture comes with hand-outs and a mini-poster of the temperaments (see photo). These MP3s are free with the Teacher Support Package (at: https://earthschooling.info/thebearthinstitute/?wpsc-product=teacher-training-complete-package) and the Lifetime/Family Package (at: https://earthschooling.info/thebearthinstitute/?wpsc-product=family-curriculum-package-previously-called-lifetime-membership).


Learn about the four temperaments and how you can use this knowledge to achieve physical and emotional balance, study, live a better and have more harmonious relationships with others. These two 90-minute lectures can be downloaded to your IPOD or MP3 player or…