The Bee Who Lost His Buzz

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Those of you who have read The Tale of Tiptoes Lightly no doubt remember the story of “The Bee Who Lost His Buzz” very well.  It is, in fact, the first of Tiptoes Lightly’s many delightful adventures.  In it, Tiptoes and Jeremy Mouse help the Bee whose buzz has been snagged by grumpy Mr. Cactus, the Worm who’slost his squirm and cannot wiggle back into the safety of his home.  They go on to sail down to the sea to untangle little Octopus who is too young to count properly (he can only count to seven), and gets his legs hopelessly mixed up whenever he tries.

Author: Reg Down

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Now, Reg Down has created a sumptuously illustrated storybook that brings Tiptoes’ first adventure to life in ways glorious to behold.  I can’t imagine a child who wouldn’t revel in the images and characters of this storybook.  A perfect gift any time of the year.  I just love it.

Ages 3-6 and onward.

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