The Legends of King Arthur

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Enter a world of duels and jousting, where knights battle to protect the honour of fair maidens and defend King Arthur’s castle. Knights meet in fellowship at Camelot, and are entertained with feasting and pageantry. Honour and chivalry are valued above all else, and courageous knights fight strange, unearthly foes to prove themselves worthy of a place at King Arthur’s table.

These ancient tales have been told since the fifth century when Welsh bards travelled the country entertaining lords and ladies with stories and songs. They were retold in verse by Chretien de Troyes in his twelfth-century Le Morte d’Arthur, and in prose by Sir Thomas Malory in the fifteenth century.

Author: Isabel Wyatt

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Now, renowned storyteller Isabel Wyatt presents her own fresh retelling of a selection of these fascinating legends.

Table of Contents

Medieval Storyteller’s Invocation
The Welsh Bards and their Ancient Celtic Stories
The Lady of the Fountain
Marie de France and her Breton Lays
The Lay of Sir Lanval
Chretien de Troyes and his French Verse-Romances
The Knight of the Cart
Sir Thomas Malory and his English Prose-Romances
The Story of Sir Gareth

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