Tutoring/Consulting with Kristie Burns – 1 Hour

USD $150.00


All consults provide you with a temperament evaluation and insight based on you and your child’s temperament. This homeschooling-temperament consult helps you to gain insight into how knowing more about you and your child’s temperament can help you be a more effective teacher and help your child be a more enthusiastic student. This consult can also help you tackle homeschooling issues like organization, balancing work and teaching, schooling multiple children and more. This consult can be done by e-mail, phone, Skype or recorded live chat.

How Does the Consult Process Work?

  1. Purchase your consult(s) using this listing
  2. Write to us at: CustomerService@TheBEarthInstitute.com with three possible times and dates for a consult. Be sure to list those dates and times in Central Standard Time (you can see conversions HERE). Consult times must be chosen for at least 7 days after the time of purchase as the schedule is often full. Please also indicate if you would like to do your consult via Skype, phone, e-mail, live chat or another option.
  3. Kristie Burns, Mh, ND, Ph.d. will then confirm one of these times with you and will send you the appropriate questionnaire to get you started.