Ukulele Classes for Waldorf Students: Level One

USD $120.00

Recommended Ages: 9 and up

This is level one. You can register for level two HERE.

Teacher Dan makes learning ukulele simple, clear, and fun in these musical living lessons. He teaches us everything we need to know to pick up, play and grow. Finger placements are clear and close up. We even get to see the chords right on the screen with a green line in time for easy following along. Each video teaches us more about the ukulele, includes exercises reading tablature (tab), and leaves us with practice work until our next time. Teacher Dan goes beyond just playing the ukulele and brings us into a deeper understanding of music as a whole, which can carry over into playing any instrument in the future. We’re encouraged to practice and get comfortable with what we’ve learned in each video before moving on to the next one.


Meet your teacher Dan Prindle

Included in this Package…

Playing the Ukulele: Level One: Lesson One: Video
Length- 20:51

Lesson one begins our journey into ukulele magic with Dan Prindle. We learn about the parts of the ukulele and how to tune one, and jump right into playing the “open strings” with some simple songs. We are also introduced to learning tablature reading. Did you know Good Cats Eat Ants? Well you will after this lesson!

Playing the Ukulele: Level One: Lesson Two: Video
Length- 24:16

Lesson two introduces us to using our left hand and reviews right hand plucking. After we get tuned up we are ready to review and learn new finger placements. Bring on the finger stretcher! Don’t worry, we’re just learning how to keep our finger nimble with practice. Teacher Dan shares how different songs can have a lot more in common than we realize as we start some classics like Yankee Doodle, and Merrily We Roll Along.

Playing the Ukulele: Level One: Lesson Three: Video
Length- 17:35

Lesson three dives deeper into music as a whole. Notes? Pitches? Chords? Teacher Dan explains the difference between a note, a pitch, and a chord as we experience the contrast between plucking and strumming our strings. We read a chord chart and play the Wheels On The Bus. Remember to digest what we’ve learned before moving forward. Practice, practice, practice!

Playing the Ukulele: Level One: Lesson Four: Video
Length- 26:58

Lesson four is an exciting day as we learn to play our first full song all the way through! We also get to know the C (major) Scale, and the musical alphabet which we can carry with us not just for the ukulele, but any instrument we ever want to play. We spend some time reviewing what we’ve learned so far about notes and pitches before we practice together. Teacher Dan shows us how to see a song as a whole and break it down into bite size parts. We learn new music terms: octave, accompaniment, and melody.

Playing the Ukulele: Level One: Lesson Five: Video
Length- 31:27

Lesson five begins with a review to help us pull together everything we’ve learned so far. Then we deep dive into some different strumming techniques and patterns using out index finger for creating new rhythms to various counts. We work through the Happy Birthday song beginning to end. Keywords: ukulele, music, tab, reading music, plucking, fret, guided songs, chords, ukulele anatomy,

Playing the Ukulele: Level One: Lesson Six: Video
Length- 31:27

Lesson six take sup deeper into reading music. We’ve already covered tab and chords. Now we tie that into traditional staff music reading learning some new musical terms; treble clef, line notes, space notes, G clef, and more. We get to practice our understanding of staff music as Teacher Dan shows us a note and gives us time to play it before showing us the answer. Then we circle back to Wheels on The Bus while Teacher Dan shows us how to incorporate two new chords into it what we learned (F and C chords).

Playing the Ukulele: Level One: Lesson Seven: Video
Length- 29:22

Lesson seven kicks it up a notch with a new strumming techniques that uses both the thumb and the index finger! Then we learn how to switch from C to G chord and how to read and add quarter notes into our rhythm. Finally, we take our experience of Wheels on the Bus to the next phase by practicing the melody.

Playing the Ukulele: Level One: Lesson Eight: Video
Length- 16:55

Lesson eight is our final lesson for level one. Congratulations! You made it! We play around with notes on the A string and learn the A Minor chord. For a grand finale we take the four chords we’ve used most recently to create a chord progression with a fun strumming pattern.

Level two and three are coming soon! E-mail us at: for more information.