Unani Tibb Certification Course

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Avicenna’s methods, which draw from traditional texts, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and the medicine of Hippocrates has been refined and expounded on for the past 1000 years by prominent healers to produce a masterful system of healing which is filled with inspired and original ideas as well as a synthesis of all healing traditions from the East. This course includes all of the Medicine of Avicenna individual courses: 101: History of Greek, Roman & Arab Medicine ; 202: History & Influence of Arab Medicine ; 303: Typology of Avicenna; 404: Theory in Islamic Medicine; 505: Herbs of the Hadith; 606: Herbs of the Holy Books; 707: Herbs of the Arab World; 808: Aromatherapy and Spiritual Healing; 909: Herbal Preparations; 110: Healing with Prayer; 111: Traditional Healing of the East; 112: Putting it All Together: Case Studies and Modern Challenges.



The theories and historical impact of the medicine of Avicenna/Islamic medicine is on the verge of becoming as popular as people studying the theories and historical impact of Chinese medicine in the West -and mostly outside of the Middle Eastern community. Avicenna, the cornerstone in the Middle Eastern healing movement was heavily influenced by Chinese, Greek and Ayurvedic healers and wrote the Canon of Medicine which was the most widely studied work of medicine in Europe from the 12th to the 17th century. Diploma/Certificate of Completion: Unani Tibb

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  1. Faaizah Patel

    Hello and salaam, would completion of this course make the student a Unani Tibb Practitioner?

    May I have info on how the course content was compiled and by who?

    • BEarth Institute ADMIN Account

      Thank you for your question. This course offers you a doctorate in Unani Tibb which is not the same as a practitioner. A practitioner would need to have patient hours with another practitioner. However, we do offer guidelines on how you can set up a practice and take clients and what parameters you could work within having your doctorate. This course was compiled by Hakima Karima who wrote for IslamOnline.Net for many years ( see a sample article here: https://archive.islamonline.net/?p=5361 ). However, texts include instruction from many prominent Hakims.

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