Unani Tibb Co-op

USD $4,750.00

…and a final certificate. However, in groups larger than 3 the teacher or leader of the group would be responsible for correcting exams and submitting corrected exams to The BEarth Institute. This purchase is the same as the Unani Tibb Healing Course. The only difference is that for a slightly increased cost you can share the cost with multiple people and study together as a group.


Would you like to study Unani Tibb as a group or with a partner? Perhaps you would like to teach the class to a group of people and use it to earn money for yourself? Or perhaps your co-op would like to study together or you would like to take the series of classes with a friend or family member? This purchase allows you to share the cost with a group of people (from 2-10 people) Each person in the group is eligible for certification…